1.Je suis très dynamique
2.Do you often need understanding friends to cheer you up?
3.Are you usually carefree?
4.Do you find it very hard to take no for an answer?
5.Do you stop and think things over before doing anything?
6.If you say you will do something do you always keep your promise, no matter how inconvenient it might be to do so?
7.Do your moods go up and down?
8.Do you generally do and say things quickly without stopping to think?
9.Do you ever feel ‘just miserable’ for no good reason?
10.Would you do almost anything for a dare?
11.Do you suddenly feel shy when you want to talk to an attractive stranger?
12.Do you often worry about things you should have done or said?
13.Generally do you prefer reading to meeting people?
14.Are your feelings rather easily hurt?
15.Do you like going out a lot?
16.Are you sometimes bubbling over with energy and sometimes very sluggish?
17.Do you prefer to have few but special friends?
18.Do you daydream a lot?
19.When people shout at you do you shout back?
20.Are you often troubled about feelings of guilt?
21.Are all your habits good and desirable ones?
22.Can you usually let yourself go and enjoy yourself a lot at a lively party?
23.Would you call yourself tense or ‘highly strung’?
24.Do other people think of you as being very lively?